Customer Service

Calming Upset Customers

In this short 1 minute video you will learn the three step approach to calming upset customers. (Read more)

Customer Service Skills Training Pathway (Course)

Customer service training are an integral element of any organisation. It is vital that your front line staff are trained in effective customer service techniques. Customer service and service tech... (Read more)

receptionist & Front Desk Training Pathway (Course)

The role of reception and office administration in the modern organisation is expanding. As well as performing general duties, Receptionists and Administrators are increasingly expected to undertak... (Read more)

Challenging Customers Pathway (Course)

Your role as a service professional can be daunting. You are the first line of contact, who can also become the first to be attacked. Many of us have had to deal with angry or upset customers at so... (Read more)

Telephone Etiquette Learning Pathway

One of the most common ways our customers interface with employees is through the telephone. Therefore, having an understanding of telephone etiquette will make a large difference to your customers... (Read more)

Award Winning Telephone Criteria PT2 Course

In part two of this course there are five criteria focused on in this module that will help give you a leading edge in telephone skills. This is particularly useful if you are in a contact cente... (Read more)