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    Calming Upset Customers

    In this short 1 minute video you will learn the three step approach to calming upset customers. (Read more)

    Being a New Leader Course

    This 10 minute video covers some core leadership basics and is a good refresher for all leaders. You will learn about leadership styles and some useful leadership tips. It also includes some tips o... (Read more)

    Questioning Skills Course

    In this 10 minute version, we examine the main questioning skills and how to use them for effective conversation control. Open, closed, leading, echoic, rhetorical and clarifying questions are all ... (Read more)

    Difficult Customers Advanced Course

    This 10 minute video provides some tips and techniques to help deal with difficult customers. You will learn about de-escalation techniques, understanding emotions and more ways to manage difficult... (Read more)

    Customer Service Advanced Course

    This 10 minute video covers some advanced techniques and ideas for providing excellent customer service. You will learn more about moments of truth with customers at various touch points, more on i... (Read more)

    Abusive Customers Course

    This 10 minute video module explains what is included in abusive behaviour from customers and ways of dealing with them. You will learn some response strategies, termination ideas and how to avoid ... (Read more)