Time Management Training Pathway (Course)

Considering the speed at which business moves these days, one thing is certain: if you can’t manage your time effectively, you will have a hard time managing anything else. Yet, most people waste p... (Read more)

Stress & resilience Training Pathway (Course)

Stress and resilience in the workplace techniques are the ability to cope with and rise to the inevitable challenges, problems and setbacks you meet in the course of your life and come back stronge... (Read more)

Communication Skills Pathway Training (Course)

Communication training includes using tone of voice and modulation, how to interpret language styles and deciphering body language, questioning and listening skills and many more which will all ass... (Read more)

Attitude Course

This 10 minute video details how you can use your attitude to the best possible advantage. Having a positive attitude is in your control and impacts positively on all those around you. You will lea... (Read more)

Influencing Skills Course

In this 10 minute video, we explain how to improve you influencing skills. You will learn the six laws of influence, seven traits of influential people as well as the difference between persuading,... (Read more)

Positive First Impressions Course

This 10 minute video explains in detail how you can create a positive first impression of your business to customers. You will learn some key techniques that will be easy to apply in phone and face... (Read more)